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Transcription & Translation Services

Perfect for audio and video files, transcription is another type of professional document translation service available from Naeem Translation House (NTH). Each custom project consists of our linguists watching and/or listening to your recordings and then transcribing the verbal communication into written communication. Once a transcribed document is produced, it is translated into the language of your choice.

Summaries Ana Abstracts

Sometimes all you really need is an understanding of what a document says rather than complete document translation services. We can save you a great deal of time and money in these instances by providing document summaries or abstracts. Each abstract is translated based on your precise needs. Simply provide us with the document and an explanation of what you’re looking for and we will deliver a summary in English or any of over 100 other languages.

Desktop Publishing Services

Translating documents into other languages can cause the need for layout refinements. After the document translation, our graphic designers will take care of all the formatting. You can keep the same layout or we will gladly adjust the design to fit the space and graphic requirements of the new language. You receive a finished product that’s ready for use and is in your preferred file format.

Professional Document Translation & Support Services

Take a look around. With the introduction of the Internet, the world suddenly became a lot smaller. This new freedom to transact business internationally – online and off – introduces the need for reliable, professional document translation services.

With the ability to translate documents of all types into over 100 languages, we can support your multilingual communication processes in the Pakistan and overseas.From small translation projects to large-scale endeavors, we’ll assign a project manager who will coordinate between your organization and our team of professionals. In addition to standard translations, we also support your organization with a wide range.