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Naeem Translation House (NTH) was founded by Muhammad Younus Qazi (late) in the year 1987 after his meritorious services in the PM House Pakistan and ARAMCO-KSA. NTH was established with a unique idea of decent multiple secretarial services under one roof, in order to provide all sorts of secretarial services to the clients of twin cities (Rawalpindi/Islamabad) and started to provide professional services of certified, authentic and reliable professional legal translation, legal documentation and other allied secretarial services.With the passage of time, due to the unique multiple professional services, NTH is known as trendsetters and have earned trustworthy repute and reliability in the national and international market.

Legal character of NTH is well protected. NTH is a Private Limited Company duly incorporated with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and also enlisted in Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan. To keep NTH safe from dishonest or fraudulent entities, Naeem Translation House (NTH) Trade Mark is duly registered under the Trade Marks Ordinance 2001 with Pakistan Intellectual Property Rights Organization, Government of Pakistan in order to legally protect the company.

Blessing of Almighty Allah, we are passing through the fourth decade of our services and still we are more zealous to further enhance our business scope and vision.

Muhammad Younus Qazi


Professional Translation Agency

Naeem Translation House (NTH) is an expert translation agency specializing in proving accurate and reliable translation services. With many years of experience working with a variety of clients, from Pakistan based SMEs to some of the world's largest multinational organizations, we have developed a translation process, which not only guarantees high accuracy and fast turnaround times, but also competitive pricing and special offers for business clients.

As a professional language translation agency, we only work with linguists with the highest work ethics.

Our translators are not only native speakers of your target language, but also have a first-hand experience within your particular business sector, whether its legal, marketing, medical or technical area. We understand that a conversation between two lawyers will be completely different to the one between two doctors, and our linguists ensure that any sector specific lingo or jargon is translated accurately and reliably.

Similarly, we always make sure that our translation services are carefully localized specifically for the area of the world you intend to address with your material. Surely, German spoken in Germany is slightly different to the one spoken in Switzerland, alike French for the French market is different to Canadian French. We, as a translation agency and each of our project managers fully understand these small nuances and so we always ensure that your documents are not only accurately translated, but also carefully and reliably localized.


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Ongoing Projects

Our Translation Services

With many years of experience in the translation services industry, we understand that accuracy, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing without affecting the high quality of our translations are some of the most important aspects and qualities our clients expect from us, regardless the size of their project. Therefore, we invest heavily and continuously in the latest translation software and technology as well as our staff and linguists in order to ensure that your documents are always translated by the most talented and experienced translators and interpreters with the help of most sophisticated translation software.


Professional and Accurate

Through assisting clients in a number of different business sectors, we've learnt that every project is distinctive, requiring individualized objectives. For this reason, each time we work with you, we will assign a dedicated account manager to assist you through the process. We will choose an expert whose set of skills will be a suited match. By choosing to work with our agency, you not only choose excellent customer service, fast turnaround times and industry specialists, but also the guarantee of accurate and professional translations. We work hard to make sure that all the projects we translate or interpret are of the highest possible standard, whether its a website, legal documents, marketing projects or just a simple letter you need certified. To contact us today, send an email to nth.isb@gmail.com and we will reply within 30 minutes! Alternatively, all us directly on


A Leading Translation Agency in Pakistan

Although we are now one of the leading professional translation agencies in Pakistan, we continuously invest in innovative technical solutions that push us to constantly evolve. As recommended by National Language Promotion Department, we focus on optimizing our efficiency which consequently makes our services faster and leads to more competitive prices. We’d like to think that we are far more than just an agency providing translations; we aid in the process of national and international business by supporting our clients in all forms of international communication. The services we offer always follow our core values; Quality, Reliability and Security.

Cultural Integration

For us, translating is much more than just converting words into different languages. In most cases, different languages are associated with different perceptions. What's more, a word that has one meaning in one region, may have the power to imply something completely different in another region. And to ensure that we never fail in instances such as these, we have experts that will evaluate the local meaning of words and adapt these accordingly.

In the world of business there simply isn't any room for a mistake and with our services, you are promised error free content. Many professional companies rely on us and our language expertise. For this purpose, we designate culturally sensitive projects to native, mother tongue experts. We believe that knowledge in cultural differences and local linguistic terminologies are key to your international business success. We are constantly evolving with new business trends, and what’s more, our solutions are integrated with industry advances that drive down costs for rigorous quality procedure checks. We have a department that exclusively deals with developing new products and services within the language sector!

Our Promise

Professional Translation Specialists

We translate and interpret documents and files within a number of professional fields, including the Legal, Marketing, Financial and Medical sectors. We specialize in language services for businesses, however we also work with private clients. Our promise to you is simple, we'll provide you with a dedicated account manager, making the contact between you and us simple.

Industry Experts

Sometimes, it takes much more than translating documents word-for-word. We understand that a message can work in one language, but not translate equally well into another. For this reason, our translators are not only certified professionals, but they are experienced in their given fields, whether it's the marketing, technical, financial, medical or legal sector. This ensures quality and accuracy of your project as well as faster turn around times.

Fastest growing Agency in Pakistan

We are one of the fastest growing translation companies in the Pakistan. With our Head Office located in Islamabad, we work with a number of Pakistani based companies, and as well as international companies, organizations and individual clients. We provide the highest quality when it comes down to our services, guiding our clients in their language journey. We've worked with some of the largest and most recognizable companies and organizations in Pakistan.

Accuracy & Speed

Here, at Naeem Translation House we provide translations which are not only fast and accurate, but also affordable. Thanks to the translation process we have developed over the years, our agency offers straightforward solutions which can help you and your business in achieving its full potential. All of our services are conducted by human linguists and translation and therefore we do not use machine translations at all. This ensures highest possible quality and most accurate localization of your material.